Monday, April 2, 2012

Broken Saw Blues

The jeweler's saw is an integral part of all that I make, from chainmail to steampunk. Yesterday in mid-creation my saw died. I was able to use my backup saw to finish. The backup saw is an older one that is broken as well and will not be good enough to become my primary saw.

Tools are expensive. Let me rephrase, good tools are expensive. A lot of people do not take tools into consideration when looking at the price of a handmade item. Some tools are one time purchases and pay for themselves through the life of the tool. Other tools are disposable, like saw blades, because they wear out and break.

So, I now have to buy a new jeweler's saw and I think I would like to buy a really good one. The problem is one to get me by for another few months is $15 and a really good one is $90. So, I am offering a 15% discount for nay item in my shop on my Facebook Page for Tangled Metal Go "Like" the page for more info.

That is all for today, wish me luck!

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