Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tangled Metal On Etsy Front Page With Steampunk Pendant

Click to see the treasury featuring one of Tangled Metal's items
Yes, it happened again, one of my items was on the front page. Well, actually it was an alternate for the front page. Meaning that I was in the treasury but my item wasn't on the front page. That is okay because I did pick up over 100 item views from it and maybe a few views to the whole shop.
Tangled Metal's "Mechanical Sea" Steampunk Pendant on Etsy
The Steampunk pendant is one of my earlier works. I really enjoyed making it as I do all of my pendants. I have been making chainmail for over 25 years but I only recently started making other forms of jewelry. I am learning the art of silver smithing from my father. He has been making jewelry for more than 45 years. I do not yet use a torch for soldering so all of my pieces currently feature rivets or wire for connecting. I do not use any glue in any of my metal work.

I have had two items on the front page on Etsy. It is a great feeling to see your work and to know that many people will see it as well. The pendant is still available as of the writing of this post, but if you click on it and it is sold when you read this, rest assured there are many other Steampunk pendants and brooches in my shop.


  1. That's amazing! Obviously, your hard work and great designs are really getting you noticed.

  2. Awesome! Congrats on making the front page.