Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Lot Of Things In The Works

It is once again time to do the monthly show. Last month we decided it was just too hot. The heat index was over 110 and was going to be quite miserable. Tomorrow looks promising at just 96. I have been creating a lot of new stock for the show, so, hopefully I will make a little bit of money tomorrow.

I have also been busy with a couple of new projects. I started a new blog helping people to understand SEO and marketing for small business. It has really taken off and has taken a lot of my time. If you are interested here is the link: Market My Shop

I am starting to work on my chainmail Christmas ornaments. I should have some pictures up sometime next week. They will be quite different from the usual ornaments.

That is about it. I need to write more blog posts here but sometimes I get so busy making chainmail that I don't have the time. Any suggestions?

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