Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Coffee Thoughts On Chainmail

Before coffee every morning I think some pretty random thoughts. My mind has yet to focus on little more than the process of putting the coffee maker on and yet I come up with some pretty spiffy ideas.

Today while setting up the coffee maker I was thinking about a device I am making to cut rings more efficiently. Currently I use a jewelers saw.
It is like a coping saw, only with a much smaller blade. I can buy a machine that will cut my rings for about $500. It uses a circular saw blade connected to a motor to cut rings very fast. Of course, I don't have $5 extra in my pocket today, let alone $500.

I have been building a prototype machine in my head. I have gone through several designs and many failures without ever having to build the machine. I am very lucky in that way. I can do much of the trial and error in my mind without having to build it.

All the basic pieces for the machine are pretty simple and I have been picking them up here and there for a couple of weeks. So far my entire investment is about $25 or $30. I have almost everything I need to build my first working prototype. The most expensive piece is the blade. The blades cost anywhere from $8 to $15 each. The problem is most places have a $50 minimum order.

All and all I figure I will have less than $50 in the machine when I am done building it. It will save me a ton of time when cutting the rings I use to make chainmail. Today, while setting up the coffee pot, I figured out how to build my splash guard for the blade coolant system. Interesting how your mind can work when you have not completely woken up.

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