Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Art Of The Treasury On Etsy

My latest Treasury on Etsy
I create a lot of Treasuries on Etsy. I try to theme them with how I feel at the moment. Sometimes it is a special day in history dear to me or sometimes it is just one of my favorite celebrity's birthday. I never know when or from what I will be inspired. Today I was inspired by an email sent to me yesterday.

When I am creating a Treasury I try and find items that work well with each other. Sometimes it is super easy and I have one done in 15 minutes and other times it takes me up to an hour and a half to find just the right items. There are many times when I end up replacing every single item before I save it.

The great thing about creating a Treasury is the ability to share art or vintage items with people who don't even know they like it until they see it. My goal is to one day create a Treasury that makes it to the front page so that even more people can see it and perhaps buy something from one of the featured artists.

By the way, there are several items in this Treasury that would make a great Father's Day Gift. This was pointed out to me by one of the featured artists in the Treasury. Sometimes I am looking so closely at the trees I fail to see the forest.

That is all for today. If you have any experience making a Treasury, please feel free to share with a comment.

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