Monday, June 13, 2011

What You Drive Says A Lot About You

My 1951 Nash Ambassador Custom
What you drive says a lot about you. It will define you in may ways. With the high price of gas today we often drive cars that have less to do with who we are and more to do with what we can afford. Sometimes, however, it is what you don't drive that defines who you are.

I have owned my fair share of cars over the years. From "Muscle Cars" to my "Soccer Mom Minivan" and everything in between. I currently own three cars: 1994 Nissan Quest Minivan, 1966 Ford Fairlane 500, and a 1951 Nash Ambassador Custom. Over the three only one is currently being driven. Can you guess which one it is?

I used to drive the Fairlane but ended up taking it apart for restoration a few years back. The economy got kind of bad so I have not done too much with it. I bought the '51 Nash last year to save it from going to the crusher. I just could not let that beautiful piece of art be destroyed. I drive the Nissan every day. It is a reliable vehicle that can transport all of my art, tables and tent to and from art shows.

I would love to have the Nash and the Fairlane on the road right now, but honestly, I don't think I could afford the gas or the insurance. I guess I am a bit of a dreamer when it comes to cool old cars. I can see myself in the drivers seat driving around town and at the moment, being unemployed and living in a bad recession, that is nothing more than a dream. Maybe one day...

Maybe one day I should sell the cars that I do not drive and just move on, but it is a difficult task. Bad economy means not many buyers. I suppose it does not cost me much by having the car sitting in the yard and maybe I can do some work on them, the kind of work that does not cost money.

Sometimes I feel like my art is sitting in the yard rusting. I have big dreams about my art too. I dream that it will one day soon pay the bills. I am hopeful that the economy will pick back up and I can afford to restore my other dreams and the gas to make them move.


  1. Sweet ride. Nice saving the Nash, not many around. I've got a 64 Ford F100 currently sitting at my old house because of nowhere to store it while I live with my parents. It runs,it's in mostly original condition, rat rodish state right now. I used it often to haul metal art work that was rusting in the yard. I also used it for runs to the home improvement store and for my gardening. I used to go overfill it with compost. : D
    It's different driving an old car/truck, it is like driving a piece of artwork though. It requires more attention to the road and the other drivers. New cars are so easy to drive.
    My daughter asked what my dream car was and I told her a 63 Ford Fairlane station wagon.

  2. The '63 Ford Fairlane Station Wagon sure was a looker. I don't blame you for that being your dream car.