Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Working On Descriptions For My Chainmail Jewelry

From my Chainmail Necklace Section On Etsy
It would seem that my descriptions have been far from descriptive in my Etsy Shop. It was recently pointed out to me that I should be more captivating with my descriptions. I should tell everyone why they should buy my items. So yesterday and today I have been working on rewriting all the descriptions in my shop.

I decided to start with the items that are not selling very well at the moment, the necklace section. In addition to rewriting descriptions, I am also giving the titles and keywords a makeover. It is almost as time consuming as the original listing process but I think it will be helpful to me.

Though Etsy is currently in beta testing for Google Product Search and I am not one of the lucky beta testers, I feel confidant that when my items finally do make it to the database that people will be able to more easily find the items I create.

If you have a moment or two please visit my Etsy Shop and let me know what you think about the new descriptions and titles. I really would like to hear your comments, suggestions or whatever you have to say. Leave me a comment or send an email to eric@TangledMetal.com

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